Counterpoint: Why We Should Wear Blue

Counterpoint:  Why We Should Wear Blue

Kalea Gregoris

In the past, girls have worn white gowns for graduation and boys have worn blue.  Last year the administration changed the gown policy and everyone wore blue. There was some backlash but it was truly a good decision.

While watching my sister’s graduation I noticed how unbalanced the stage looked. Sometimes there would be four boys in a row, then one girl, then another boy, and so on. There was no pattern onstage because the students are arranged by last name and there were disorganized patches of blue and white everywhere. Having everyone wear blue makes the stage look more uniform and put together.

Having all the students wear blue is also much more convenient. There wouldn’t be an issue with transgender and other non-binary students being assigned the wrong color for graduation. The students and staff could avoid the problem of ‘paperwork vs. gender identity’ because everyone would be wearing the same thing. Additionally, the white gowns are made out of quite thin fabric, so if there is any color underneath them it will show through. Students can wear whatever colors they want under the blue gowns because it is a darker, thicker fabric. I remember spending hours shopping with my sister trying to find her a dress that was pretty, fit her well, and wouldn’t show through her gown; it was near impossible.

Some may wonder: Why all blue? Why not white? Blue is a very professional color that suits many skin tones. It is also the main color that represents us as a school and community.