Point: Let Them Wear White

Point:  Let Them Wear White

Ashleigh Dzomba

For over fifty years, Conrad Weiser High School’s graduation ceremony has consisted of girls wearing white caps and gowns and boys wearing navy caps and gowns. It has been tradition for students to represent both of our school colors by doing this.  Last year, this all changed.

The class of 2018 was not informed that they would all be wearing navy until the day that the caps and gowns were ordered. This gave them little to chance to change administration’s mind.  After this decision, 2018 student council members decided we needed to make a change.

Multiple meetings with Conrad Weiser High School administration took place with students voicing their opinions on why we should change the color of what we wear to graduation to include both navy and white. Various reasons fueled this desire to allow white back into the graduation ceremony, including the fact that white is traditional. Women commonly wear white dresses at weddings and our school has been wearing both colors for decades. Another positive for our student body is that both colors would be representative of both of the school colors rather than just one. Although navy shows uniformity, white is also our school color and it would only make sense that we wear both.

Transgender students were brought up as a concern, which could be addressed by simply allowing the student to wear whichever color they choose to identify as. Wearing white would not only look better but it is what the majority of students want. Some families include three or four girls who all wore white to graduation and this might be the first year that one of their children may have to wear blue. Some girls want to wear the same color their mom wore as well.

In the end, although there are both sides to the argument, the most logical approach would be to have a poll of the student body and let majority win. This is a decision that should be made class by class, based on their preference. It can vary each year and students should be allowed to wear whatever they feel most comfortable.