Weiser Wave of the Week: September


Fatima Barber-Neider

Wave of the Week: Hydro Flasks

Walking down the halls you have probably noticed brightly colored water bottles in the hands of many student. They are everywhere you look, on desks and in book bags. They are hard to miss; from the little happy sun guy, the variety of colors, and also the loud noise they make when accidentally knocked over or placed down.

Why are hydro flasks so popular you might be asking yourself? Is it the fact that they are durable, or is it just a trend? Many will say its just a trend but hydro flask owners point to the lifetime guarantee. They range in different sizes and are perfect for on the go. Ranging in different colors you can get one of your own ranging from $20 to $50. Despite good reviews, there are many other water bottles on the market just like hydro flasks. ┬áSo it’s up to you to decide if you want to be part of the WAVE at WEISER.