4,120 miles away from home


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to leave your home and family for a whole year, and move thousands of miles away? Well, meet Simona Silvestrini, who is Conrad Weiser High School’s new foreign exchange student.

Simona is a 17 year old girl from Milan, Italy, and she has always wanted to spend one year abroad to learn a new language and culture. But leaving your daily routine for a brand new one is kind of shocking, especially when your home country school system is completely different.

She enjoys her host family, the Kurtz family, and she spends a lot of time with her sister, Carly, watching Netflix, talking and chilling together.  “When I first stepped in the first American airport I was really scared,” says Simona. “And the thought of two other flights was devastating. But then I finally arrived home and I felt so loved and welcome by the Kurtz family.”

One month out of ten has already passed and her experience so far is going as planned, Simona is starting to make friends and she’s meeting a lot of new people. She really hopes to take every single moment and make it hers, in order to have a beautiful memory of this once in a lifetime experience. We hope to see Simona more often this year and if you ever see her in the hallway just say hi and introduce yourself!