Caught up on caffeine

Can Conrad Weiser live without coffee?


Kassidy Delp and Mackenzie McFaul

Many schools across the country are banning coffee. Imagine if Conrad Weiser School District had to face this current issue? Many different teachers and students voiced their opinion about how they would feel if coffee was banned here in Conrad Weiser. The vast majority of them think that the ban on coffee in schools would be a bad thing and should not occur at our school.

“I think it is a good thing because it keeps people awake,” said Mrs. Proietto, high school English teacher.  Not having coffee may affect the way students and teachers work during the school day. It leaves both students and teachers feeling tired and more stressed if they are used to having coffee on a daily.

“If I don’t have coffee, I’m more depressed and I could see my grades dropping,” said Lidhia Kovoor, Conrad Weiser sophomore. Overall, Conrad Weiser students and teachers would be highly impacted if coffee was banned and many feel they would not be able to make it through the school year without it.