Photographer of the Week: Liam Dalesandro

My name is Liam Dalesandro, I am a senior at conrad weiser. Some of my hobbies are taking pictures. I really like photography. I also like doing art whether it be painting, drawing, or making something 3D. I also really like antiquing and collecting pieces of history. I hope that you will first of all like my work, and second of all try and understand why I took that picture. I want you to try and understand my message by taking this picture. I get my inspiration for taking my pictures from Abe Lincoln; He is one of the greatest minds that this world has ever seen. He did so much to change the modern world. He had empathy for every man that other people don’t have. He did the job that not even the founding fathers wanted to tackle, “Slavery.” My favorite picture would have to be the one in DC of the Washington Monument. It is such a perfect picture with all of the flags, the sky, the jet in the background, how perfectly centered it is. It is just one of the best pictures that I have ever taken.