Photographer of the Week: Erin Horack, grade 11

Hi I’m Erin Horack and I am a Junior at Conrad Weiser High School. I participate in many clubs including Ski Club, SRI, Student Council, NHS, and FFA as an officer. I am also very active in sports, in the fall I play soccer and run cross country, while in the winter and spring I run track. Between all my activities I really enjoy taking photos.

When people look at my photos I want them to see the enjoyment I had while taking the photo but I want them to feel the emotion that is in the photograph because every photograph has a particular emotion that goes along with it.    

I get my inspiration from the items around me,whether that be people or objects. I believe that there is beauty in everything you just have to find the perfect angle.

  My favorite picture is the one with the water splashing out of the cup. The reason that it is my favorite is because of the patiences it took in order to get that picture perfect. I think that the picture shows the beauty behind something so simple and something that you don’t usually think is beautiful because a spill is usually just a mess you have to clean up.