Photographer of the week: Chloe Petsch, grade 11

Chloe Petsch

Grade 11

Outside of school I have many hobbies, for example, cheerleading, skiing, swimming, tumbling, and even hiking. Aside from those things, I also enjoy taking pictures outside. Most of the pictures I have taken happened to be taken outside.  There are many things I hope viewers get from my work and one main thing is just to feel happy. All of my pictures were taken at my favorite places or of my favorite things, this makes me hope that the viewers get happy vibes from my photos. One main thing I get inspired from is the app Pinterest, this is an app that has very good pictures and something I love to do is scroll through different pictures on this app and eventually recreate them. Although Pinterest inspires me a lot, I also get inspired from my friends. If they ever take pictures that I end up liking I will most likely try to take them as well. My favorite photo that I took was the one of the skyline in New York. I loved this picture because I had so much fun exploring the city and looking at this picture makes me remember fun memories. I also like this picture because it was taken of the skyline in the middle of the ocean, so all you see is water and the tall buildings.