Photographer of the Week: Briley Cox, grade 12

  1. Briley Cox (12th)
  2. Outside of school I enjoy dancing at Dance Fusion Studios. 
  3. I hope viewers take away that I enjoy taking photographs of subjects that interest me. I like to capture the things that I love in my photographs.
  4. I get inspiration from the activities I do and the things I love. Most of my pictures consist of my friends from dance and my dog. Dancers are interesting to take pictures of because each pose can portray a different style or mood. My dog, Cooper, is fun to take pictures of because he always has different expressions. I never know what the picture is going to look like until after the picture is taken because he is always moving!
  5. My favorite piece is the picture with the pointe shoes. The picture itself is so simple because there are no people in it. The simplicity of the shoes and background make for a crisp, clear picture.