Photographer of the week: Sydney Fitzgerald, 12th grade

  1. Name and grade:  Sydney Fitzgerald, 12th grade
  2. Hobbies/interests outside of school:  I dance outside of school.  I take regular dance classes and I compete in the spring.  I also work 8-12 hours a week as a cashier at Redner’s Sinking Spring.
  3. What do you hope viewers take away from your work?  I hope that viewers feel happy after seeing my pictures.
  4. Where do you get inspiration for your photographs?  I enjoy nature and taking pictures of sunny places.  Whenever the sun is out, I try to take pictures because the lighting makes the picture look so much better.
  5. Which is your favorite piece and why?  I like the picture with the clouds because the pink and purple makes it a more unique picture of the sky.  I also like how the blue and pink mix together.