Photographer of the Week: Kayla Rizzo, grade 11

  1. Kayla Rizzo, 11th grade.
  2. My hobbies and interests outside of school include soccer,lacrosse,hanging out with my friends, going to the beach, and shopping.
  3. I hope viewers observe my work and just take in how beautiful other countries are. I want them to see the difference in mainly architecture and how it differs so much.
  4. This summer I traveled to London, England and Scotland for about ten days. My overall inspiration for these photos was to just capture it and have it to remember.
  5. My favorite piece is the picture of the tower I took in Edinburgh, Scotland. I really like this photo because Scotland was so breathtaking to me in the city and country. This tower was very detailed and the center focus of the city which made it a really nice photo for me to take, which turned out to be my favorite.