Photographer of the Week: Alexis Heister, grade 12

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Alexis Hiester 12th grade

Some of my hobbies and interests outside of school are making and sewing clothing, making jewelry, painting, reading, adventuring to new places, and writing.

I hope my viewers take inspiration from my photography so they go and take pictures of their own.

I get inspiration for my photographs from all over the place. I look at different photographers on line and I also get inspiration from nature. Depending on where I am I decide whether I want to capture the scene I am looking at in the moment or not. I also get inspiration from my teachers as well.

My favorite piece is the photo where Lauren has her hand on a tree and she is looking at the camera because it shows good lighting and she doesn’t look awkward in the photo. She looks comfortable and I also like how the colors compliment each other and work well together. The setting is very peaceful which is how I want my viewers to feel.